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Dog Meat BBQ are an underground/punk rock band from St. John's, Newfoundland.
Formed in 1986 by ex-members of the Bubonic Plague, Da Slyme and The Riot,
Dog Meat BBQ died a hideous death in 1988 but rose from the grave in 1995,
and are now poised to seek their prey on the unsuspecting Internet!!!

This site will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about
the strange and twisted phenomenon that is Dog Meat BBQ!
Discography, lyrics, gigs, links -- the whole freakin' shot!
So get ready, kiddies, and God's mercy!

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What the critics are saying about the Dog Meat BBQ website:

"It's a Bad Thing." - Martha Stewwart
"Two thumbs up - my butt!!" - Roger Eberrt
"The only thing we have to fear is this." -- F.D.R.

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   Discography & Lyrics   
Close Enough for Rock & Roll
New CD: Close Enough for Rock & Roll (Flub & Dub, 1999)
(This one's strictly "Warts & All", kiddies!)
Read a review of this CD. Then buy it!
Hang Up Yer Raw Hides
Hang Up Yer Raw Hides
(cassette - Vikkibeat, 1997)
Dead Dogs of the Summer of Love
Dead Dogs of the Summer of Love
(cassette - Vikkibeat, 1987)

Plus we've got some more Dog Meat BBQ lyrics for you.

And complete lyrics from the Vikki-Beat "Holy Folk!" tapes!

BUBONIC PLAGUE - Discography & Lyrics:

Smile - Think Positive (cassette - Vikkibeat, 1984)

Wild, Wild Youth in Asia (cassette - Vikkibeat, 1983)

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Mike's Poetry Pit
for a selection of deeply demented verse. Abandon hope all ye who
Enter the Pit!

Or you can buy our CD at:
The Dog Meat BBQ Shopping Mall

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