Julius Caesar
one rude dude
an emperor with
an attitude
he ruled in Rome
he rose to fame
a tragic hero
he became

Julius Caesar
he had balls
he conquered all
those nasty Gauls
The Rubicon
he crossed one day
and all of Rome
fell neath 
his sway

Julius Caesar
knew his stuff
but vain ambition
ate him up
so Brutus
and the boys
drew knives
and cut him
down to size

Julius Caesar
met his end
from daggers 
by his friends
then Caesar made
his final roar
one "Et tu, Brute?"
then no more

We gathered there
where Caesar lay
and lent our ears
to Marcus A
who did not come
to praise the twit
just to plant him
that was it.

                                        (Mike O'Brien)