Dog Meat BBQ

Pyrate Festival, Ship Inn, 27 August 1999
Set List

Set #1 - "The Pyrate Set"

The Bold Marauder
Kiss Me Godzilla
Johnny Was a Hero
Oh Columbus
I Wanna Eat
Me and My Uncle
Meat Wars
The Rocks of Ireland's Eye
Country Chicken
A Nice Big Shit
Freedom to Freak Out
Mad Cow Disease
Rat Killing Day
Gun Nut Conflagration
The Boats that Joey Couldn't Burn
I Hate My Job

SET #2 - "The Alcohol Set"

Alcohol (The Kinks)
The Evil Drunks
Clar Riley's Rathole
C, D & D
Meat Cove Man
Tory from Muskoka
Alcohol theme (He'll drink anything)
Lunar Detox
Cochrane Hotel
Alcohol theme (Floosie section)
The Beer Drinking Rap
Michael Jackson
Downtown Drunk
Newfie Rastaman
Alcohol reprise
Big Paddy Wagon (encore)