The xmas break arrives. Craig is home for xmas. Craig and I are back in the studio making loops, lags, and backwards percussion tapes... with one difference: Craig has borrowed his brother's drum kit - such as it is. Around 11 pm we tire of the process and it's time for an ale. "Why not find Carter and Peter" who are back from their respective mainland jaunts and probably down at Martha's Pub tie-ing one on. "We got drums...why not do this punk thing... the guys will probably be up for it and Carter did do some drumming at those jams last spring". "Besides , punk is dead easy to play".!!!!!! "We can call ourselves the Slyme like in Peter's letter!"

The guys were up for it. We assembled the following day in the studios at MunRadio at 2 PM. It was xmas eve 77. The station was off air for the break. George Smith was station manager that term (I had been manager two years earlier), and was lurking about when we came in with the grand design. As my self, Craig and Peter set up the amps and mics, Terry and George began to write...

"We're Too-loose and Da Slyme
And we're feelin' fine
Drunk outta our fuckin' minds
on a load 'a cheap wine.
Drinking beer all night.
Sleepin' in all day.
Waitin' for the pogey check to come our way.
Well, I'm a Piss-Eyed Sleazoid
With a head full of rum,
I spent all my money,
Now I go on the bum.
You better give me some..."

Short and sweet; what self respecting band of any description would be without it's theme song....Hey Hey were the Monkee's!!!!!! PISS-EYED SLEAZOID was committed to tape by the fledgling band 3 times before a half an hour had elapsed since we had entered the studio-George 'Martin' Smith, producing. By four o'clock or so when we gave up we had 'Ventura"-the punk instrumental, 'Tough Luck Young Buck' (which Peter had written in Calgary), and 'Rocket in My Pocket', written and on tape.

Christmas Day found us back in again (reduced to Terry, Craig and Myself), and two more songs written and recorded: 'Radio Junkie' and 'Defecation on the Nation' with it's weird Beefheart rhythm. It would be criminal of me not to note here that some of us had had the pleasure and lifetime thrill of seeing Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band play in the gymnasium just outside and below the MunRadio studios circa 1972. Craig has actually seen 'the Captain' three times, but that's another story.

EDITORS NOTE: The narrative here will switch back and forth between real names and pseudonyms for artistic purposes. These pseudonyms were adopted by the members of the band as it progressed.

The initial Slyme foray ended as quickly as it had begun. No Moniker and Pasquali Neutron were quickly back to their respective mainland schooling, U of T and Halifax Broadcasting School. The seed sown, could not be eradicated ...5(?) songs. Stilletto brought in other members: Dead Beat - Drums & photography and Pig Filthy - congas & general razz. Before rap there was razz, maybe there's always been razz. Goohaw Groon, there from the outset as co-author of Piss Eyed Sleazoid, became bass player...though he had no prior experience. No experience necessary!! One thing more.. most of the vocals on the initial outing were by Pasquali.. he was gone. Looking no further that the outer offices of MunRadio, Snotty Slyme - station manager and vocals was on board. Again no prior experience required... ya gotta be able to remember the words tho... The line up now rounded out by Kirt Sic-O-Via, in from the first, guitar & chronicles. A number of quick productive sessions found us with a dozen songs with almost as many authors.

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