2016-2022: Interlude

After Lawnya Vawnya came another hiatus. But the world kept on revolving. Here are some highlights from this period:
  • The 2017 book Brave Punk World by James Greene Jr. covered punk bands from all over the world. He devoted two and a half of a total of 14 pages on Canadian bands to Da Slyme. This one surprised us. What the hell were we doing in a world-wide roundup? He did get some facts wrong, however.
  • Phone Jerks covered Violence, Anarchy, Baby, Mother, Daddio, Dig on their 2018 self titled release.
  • A scholarly article on Da Slyme appeared in the summer, 2019 edition of the Newfoundland Quarterly.
  • The Vicious Cycles from Vancouver covered Truck Stop Nun on their 2019 release Motorcycho.
  • Erik Nervous covered Piss Eyed Sleazoid on his 2020 release Bugs. That's a bit like covering Hey Hey, We're the Monkees.. But hey, whatever floats your boat...
  • Ethnomusicologist Beverley Diamond included several references to Da Slyme and Wallace Hammond (Kirt) in her academic (but still readable) book On Record. She got some stuff wrong, however. She put the panty hose worn by Snotty in the first gig on Stig instead, and suggested it had something to do with cross-dressing. What???
  • In 2022, Admiralty House Museum in Mount Pearl (a suburb of St. John's) mounted a temporary exhibition Punk Rock Pearl. The exhibit covered the punk scene in Mount Pearl, tracing its roods back to Da Slyme and The Reaction. A copy of our two record set (on loan from the Provincial Archives) was on display in a plexiglass security enclosure.

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