Roll the Credits

If this turns out to be the final curtain, then we owe a lot of people. Something like Da Slyme may happen by accident, but it is sustained by interest. First the interest of the main players, followed immediately by the early adopters, allies, enablers, critics, and fans, and later by the mythos that builds organically around a quirky band from an obscure corner of the world.

Acknowledgements are thus due to:

The main players: Craig Butler, Terry Carter, Gary Day, Justin Hall, Wallace Hammond, Peter Morris, Tony Richards, George Smith, Craig Squires

And thanks to: MUN Radio-CHMR (and the crew from the station in the 1970s).

…and the rest: Rick Neale, Doug Warren, Randy Raymond (McBarf K. McBarf), Mike Fisher and Rick Harbin (The Reaction w/ TC), the Ganderites, Jeremy Squires, Chris Vaughan, Don Ellis, Tommy Dunphy, Paddy Barry, Alan Henry, Peter Wood, Bob Banfield, Dave Vivian, George MacDonald, The Smythes, Don Wherry, Peter Collingwood, Mike O'Brien, Neil Pottle, Donna Stevenson, Gary "Tiny" Clark ("That's what you get when you play punk rock!"), Sally Ackerman, Karen Foster, Elizabeth Lawrence, Dennis Martin, Mike Martin, Denis Parker, Andrew Forsythe, Kris Hamlyn, Gail Picco, Gary Waterfield, Lawnya Vawnya, MUN Grad House, Glynis Sherwood, Eugene Hiscock, Ray Penton, Linda Russell, Mark Vaughan Jackson, Roger Bill, Geoff Meeker, Liz Sullivan, JM Sullivan, Joan Ritcey and Colleen Quigley and Don Walsh and The Archives and Special Collections division of the Memorial University library, The Newfoundland Herald, Paul Wilson (Shades magazine "Quo Vadis Quidi Vidi Gut"), Frank Manley (Smash the State), Sam Sutherland (Perfect Youth), Beverly Diamond (On Record), James Green Jr. (Brave Punk World), Leslie Pierce (Making a Scene), Stephen Guy (The nature of community in the Newfoundland rock underground), The Newfoundland Quarterly, The Telegram, The Scope, The Current, Republic of Doyle ("Newfie Rastaman" graffiti), Edward Riche (Nine Planets), Mac Furlong/PaulMoth and The Great Eastern, Love Blister, Skank, The Von Zippers, The Vicious Cycles, Eric Nervous, Phone Jerks, Bolshoi, Punk History Canada, Melanie Kaye and the Punk Rock Museum Las Vegas, Elsa Simms and the Admiralty House Punk Exhibition, Newfoundland Sealers Association…

Special thanks to Joe Chamandy and the gang at Celluloid Lunch Records, who sent us on a long, dark journey back into the mists of Slyme time to cull the swill included on "If there's no rubble, you haven't played!".

Finally, thanks to everyone who came out to those gigs, heckled, threw bottles (no thanks), sought out "The 20-Year Scam" CD and the Da Slyme double lp (gave them away or raked in the big bucks selling them), hooted, hollered, laughed, reviewed (for better and worse), who covered and bootlegged our songs (where's the fuckin' royalties? ha ha ha!), and the various clubs and club owners who dared to host the unknown and the untried (or maybe had little to lose anyway)!

And the rest of you poor deluded souls who fell for Da Slyme scam, thus creating this improbable story!

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