Punk Rock Museum Exhibit

Da Slyme on display at The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas

Posters, Goohaw's jacket and punk pins, Stig's Da Slyme t-shirt...and the piece de resistance...The Phallic Unit!

The Phallic Unit was a guitar that Kirt Sic-o-via tricked out by pulling the electric guts out and replacing with bulbs harvested from flash cubes. Snotty wielded this axe, occasionally setting off one of the flash bulbs to momentarily blind Da Slyme fans near the front of the stage. The thing was slightly dangerous to operate. There is a toggle switch to burn the bulb and a knob to switch from a burnt-out bulb to a fresh one. You could burn the whole deck of bulbs by leaving the switch turned on and rotating the knob. This generated a LOT of heat.

Also in the display but not visible here are copies of our 1980 two record set and The 20 Year Scam.

Da Slyme...The Phallic Unit...Las Vegas...all made for each other!

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