Press Release: If There's No Rubble You Haven't Played

When the promotion for Rubble was being planned Stig penned a press release. Then we realized that there is no Press any more to release to, just anti-social media. But the writing had been done, so let it not be wasted!

For immediate release

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Da Slyme: new l.p. release on June 2, 2023

Oh, no, not again!!

How did it come to pass that legendary punk rock pioneers from Newfoundland will have a new record released to the world on June 2?

It's a vinyl lp on the Celluloid Lunch Records label (out of Montreal).

Titled If There's No Rubble, You Haven't Played, the new album features collected works from the band's earliest sessions in 1977 through to the big stage, sold-out live show Da Slyme performed in December 1989 in downtown St. John's, on the Island of Newfoundland in Canada.

Curated from many hours of Da Slyme studio and live recordings, this unusual package comes from a unique and unusual group who unwittingly found themselves among the original bands that stood on the leading edge of punk rock in Canada.

Original songs like Piss-eyed Sleezoid, My Mind is Shot, Violence Anarchy Baby Mother Daddio Dig and No Talent are augmented by radio promos. For the first time ever hear live segments from Da Slyme's chaotic first gig (on February 3, 1978, the gig ended in a near riot, with a couple of visits by band members to the local hospital emergency room).

The album also features some cuts from the rare, highly collectable, 1980 Da Slyme double vinyl release, a couple of tunes from their equally rare 1999 CD "The 20-Year Scam", several new live versions of favorite songs, plus a couple of tunes that have never been released and were only performed a couple of times.

The album package includes a 32-page booklet that features photos of gigs, lyrics, media reviews and a summary of Da Slyme's wild ride. And every record will include a large Da Slyme poster, suitable for framing.

Coming to record stores on June 2.

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