Constipated at Kenora High

Constipated at Kenora High (Sic-o-via, Moniker)

Hello St. John's,
This is your night,
We love you people from New-found-land,
We're coming back!


There was 100,000 candle-power on the stage,
The flashpots and gimmicks all were arranged,
We had 10,000 watts, we were all the rage,
The groupies were all lined up in a daze...

[chorus] But, we were constipated, yeah, constipated,
But, we were constipated, yeah constipated
at Kenora High...

Canadian content, were playing our song,
We were ready to play but something was wrong,
The school was packed, we were ready to go on,
But none of us had had a shit in so long...

Was it something we ate that wasn't right?
Or could it be that our pants were on too tight?
We ate up some Ex-Lax, stepped out into the lights.
Yeah, they were eating shit at Kenora that night...

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