Fear and Loathing in the East End

Fear and Loathing in the East End (Sic-o-via, Stilletto)

The TV went and told me, an open/shut review
Terrorists are all bad boys an naughty persons too
They blew up a porn shop, an electric station too
And power concentrates itself in the hands of the few

And Justice for no-one in the jailhouse and the schools,
As your attorney I advise you to break all the rules.

The hungry came and told me that the racists want to fight
An torture them an shoot them in middle of the night.
The Tv said it was all lies they deserved their pitiful plight
Guess it,s God an the national news that makes the mighty right

Out there in the schoolyard they build a doomsday bomb
Working through recess times it didn't take them long
It exercised their idle minds so no one gave a hoot
By weekend no one had the guts to give them all the boot

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