Fail Safe Video Games

Fail Safe Video Games (Sic-o-via,Santiago, Stilletto)

Ronnie stood up and cracked a joke,
Said to the press please don't smoke,
What we got here is a video game,
An AWAC trainer by any other name,
Take em when they're young at their Pac-man seats
When they win a free game, sign em to the fleet

[chorus] There's no life like it,
No life like it,
No life like it,
No life like it.

You'll move up through the video ranks,
Past the Popeyes, the pac-men and through the Tanks,
There's a lot of room in the video game school,
for fast hands, sharp eyes and followers of rules.
The video game has gone 3-D,
It's flesh and blood and wait and see.

Graduation comes and you get your own plane,
40,000 feet and Ronnie goes insane,
He's put in his quarter when your tour comes up
30,000 megatons you gotta drop,
Weasel your way past the S A M missiles,
Beat the high score as the video game fizzles.

When you're approaching the fail safe zone,
Don't pay no mind to the Ronnie clones,
You'll be O.K. if you follow your orders,
as long as you have your allowance of quarters.
Look in your survival kit and you will find,
Yet another quarter to destroy mankind.

There's no life like it,
No there's no life like it,
No there's no life like it,
in the Doomsday Arcade.

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