Shrimp Wrapping

When we were planning this project, Stig made some phone calls inquiring about shrink wrapping. At one venerable old St. John's firm (name withheld to protect the stupid), the woman on the phone told him that she didn't think they could do it:

FIRM: "Well, Mr. Stilletto, I have to tell you, we have no experience wrapping seafood."

STIG: "I don't understand."

FIRM: "Well you were asking about shrimp wrapping."

Tis true, tis true. And they never did get back to Stig with a quote. Inspired, Stig subsequently penned the following SRHIMP RAP:

Skewered shrimp

I'm a little shell fish, with a crimson hue,
I go down a treat at cocktails for two,
I'm not too big, but I'm no little wimp,
I've got a big taste, cause I'm a deep-sea shrimp.