Kickin' 'til I Die

Kickin' 'til I Die (Sic-o-via)

Don't expect me to spit and smash my guitar.
Don't expect me to be your clown.
Don't expect me to grovel and play your silly games,
You ain't never going to keep me down.

[chorus] 'Cause I'm kickin' 'till I die,
and I'll never be fooled.
Kickin' 'til I die,
and I won't be ruled
By any other way but my own,
by any other way but my own.

Don't bother trying to con me by advertising,
I can see right through that shuck.
You won't sell me no life with easy installments,
'Cause the culture we live in just sucks.

It's not easy keeping clear of falling in that hole
of the colour t.v., dishwasher smack,
It's not easy keeping clear of 9 to 5 and 40 years,
but if you fail you can never go back.

'Cause I'm kickin' with this music,
I'm kickin' when I play,
Kickin' with this song
and I'll be kickin' every day.
I'll be kickin' for the rest of my life.

Kickin'...kickin' for the rest of my life.

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