Newfie Rastaman

Newfie Rastaman (Neutron, Sic-o-via,Stilletto)

I said I used to be a pus bag,
De worst one of the lot,
I mainlined junkfood and Export A,
Until I thought I'd rot.

Yes, I was a Piss-eyed Sleezoid,
And I was drunk every night,
Until I got the flash from Jah one day,
And now I've seen de light.

[Chorus] Well a Newfie Rastaman is what I am, what I am now,
A Newfie Rastaman is what I am, what I am,
Well, I never been to Montego Bay,
But Witless Bay is close at hand,
And a Newfie Rastaman is what I am, what I am

Well, you should see my dreadlocks,
I tell you, they do me proud.
I have not brushed them since '76
Now I really stand out in the crowd.

Well, we can't wear sneakers in the month of March,
So I got de rubber boots instead,
And a big checked coat from John D. Snow,
And a woolly cap for my head.


Well, you won't see me eat no fi and chi,
No big macs, and no french fries,
But a plate of lentils with papaya juice
Now dat is some good, Bye!

I got no time for de evil beer
But I smoke you under de table
Yeah, I smoke de erbs all night and day
Cause I know dat I am able

[chorus, I.Q.s and general cacophony]

Oh, Natty Johnson, where are you now?

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