Political Clout

Political Clout (Sic-o-via, Arr. Da Slyme)

Joe Blow asshole came to my door.
He said vote for me and I'll give you more.
Vote for me, I've got political clout.
I shut him up when I punched him out.

Election time an they're out again
Haven't seen those jerks since God knows when.
Talk about the party that'll wipe 'em out.
Radical Loonie's got political clout.

[chorus] Radical Loonie
Radical Loonie
Radical Loonie
Ha, ha, ha!

Political clout is where you shove it.
Political clout is how hard you hit it.
Political clout, kick it in the pants.
Political clout boot it out the door.

Out in the vineyard hanging on the vine
The Radical Loonies are drinking their wine.
Standing in the polling vat, stompin' it out
Pissed to the gills with political clout.

Tired of political weasels and skunks,
Vote for the party of the common drunks.
Vote for the party with political clout.
Vote for us or we'll punch you out.

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