Rat Shoppe Blues

Rat Shoppe Blues (Neutron, Stilletto)

I was down at the local, when I got the peckish urge.
I had a few sheckles, so I thought that I would splurge.
Trucked down the road to the red and white store,
I was gonna pig out, 'til I couldn't eat no more.
I hit the counter, but I didn't know what to choose.
You know, one of his boys came up and said: "What can I do for youse?"

I said: "Give me a snack, with the centre breast, please,
'Cause although I was hungry, I still was a sleaze.
I didn't know what I was eating, but it sure tasted swell.
First time I've seen a chicken with a long, thin tail.
Those little furry creatures that run around the house,
Well they're smaller than a cat, but they're bigger than a mouse.
Well there's grease on the meat and grease on my lips,
You know the rest of the grease ends up on my chips.

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