Right Wing Power

Right Wing Power (S. Slyme, Stilletto)

You put Ronnie Reagan in the driver's seat,
Thatcher gave the Argees some real heavy heat.
Big Poppa Doc has no opposition,
He stomped it out with full-scale aggression.

Pol Pot was burning Kampuchea,
Conned the people with verbal diarrhoea.
Reverend Paisley has the U.D.A.,
He makes people fight each and every day.

[chorus] Right Wing Power is comin' back,
Right Wing Power is really old hat,
No more aid for the Red Brigade,
Just wiped out a P.L.O. raid.

Mitterand is now happening in France,
Big Corporations are crapping in their pants.
India has gone really nuclear,
Mrs. Ghandi's vision fills me with fear.

Idi Amin served heads on plates,
That's why his economy was in dire straits.
The Viet Cong are in Saigon,
But Yankee influence isn't all gone.

Pol Pot,
Will not,
Smoke pot!

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