Speedballin' With Granny

Speedballin' With Granny (Sic-o-via, S. Slyme, Stilletto)

Granny was ahead of her time,
She probably jammed with Da Slyme,
She just got out of jail down under.
Her trial caused a thunder.
Granny and her camping friends
had old-age cheques to spend.
The papers said of a new drug trade
Too old and cunning to be afraid.

She snuck her camper through the cracks,
As she scurried across the outback.
She thought she had the coppers beat.
At 65 she was too fleet.
Granny was caught on the street.
Making bail was no treat.
They put her in an Aussie jail
and now she reads with braille.

[chorus] Granny will bake you chocolate cake.
There ain't nothing Granny, Granny can't bake.
But hash brownies are her style,
now you won't come down for a while.

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