Da Slyme's Double LP

Da Slyme (Loo Enterprizes, 1980)

Side 1:

  • I'm a Piss-Eyed Sleazoid
  • Rocket in my Pocket
  • My Only Concern Is...
  • I Ain't Got No IQ
  • I Wanna Pick My Nose
  • One Chord Punk Rock Song
  • Kill Frank Moores
  • Trudeau Sucks
  • Defecation on the Nation
  • Squeeze My Blackheads
  • Brewers Droop
  • Tough Luck Young Buck
  • Eat My Shorts If You Love Me
  • As Far As We're Concerned

Side 2:

  • I'm A Piss- Eyed Sleazoid
  • Rat Shoppe Blues
  • Medley: The Ode To Joe Brickwall,I Ain't Got No IQ, Eat My Shorts,and The Ode To Joe Brickwall Reprise
  • Tanya Whatcha Do'in With That Seal
  • Newfie Rastaman
  • Kickin' Till I Die
  • Crazy Glue

Side 3: LIVE:

  • R. Refuse intro
  • Truck Stop Nun
  • Pig Filthy Enters
  • Defecation On The Nation
  • One Chord Punk Rock Song
  • R. Refuse intro again
  • Tanya Whatcha Do'in With That Seal
  • The Pon Rumphry Song
  • Devils Out

Side 4 LIVE:

  • Radio Junkie
  • R. Refuse intros
  • Violence Anarchy Baby Mother Daddy-o Dig
  • My Mind is Shot
  • Kill Frank Moores
  • Break Song

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