1984-89: Miscellany

In the interim, as members of the Plague singularly decamped and headed up-a-long, other shows occurred. In the spring, a number of artists were invited by JOE CARTER (no relation to Terry) to perform at a concert at the LSPU Hall on May 1st. These groups included FUSION (an experimental group led by Don Wherry), Wet Cheeze Delirium, Des Walsh and Nina Patey. The result was that a group comprised of Craig Squires, Wallace, Justin, Des and Don, backed up Nina Patey as she sung her songs. This project involved a rehearsal in the hall (all personnel other than Don) on April 30 and the performance by all hands on May 1. Both the rehearsal and the performance were recorded on four track by Mark Oakley (who had not yet decamped) and later that summer were compiled by Wallace and Nina to make yet another Vikki Beat tape: Nina Patey - Making Records. Chalk another one up to the independent spirit.

The second SOUND SYMPOSIUM took place in early July 84, with WCD performing at a lunch hour concert on July 12 in the MUN Art Gallery.... Wallace, Craig, Justin and Des on deck for that one.

One more matter was to be taken care of before Wallace's departure for Toronto. That occurred on July 25 at the grad house: one last Slyme show (the next one - a reunion - would not transpire till 1989). This show, like the previous two in early 84 are noteworthy because they exposed a whole new audience to Da Slyme. When the Plague members left for Toronto in summer 84 there was only THE RIOT and maybe two others to represent the punk scene in St. John's. Others must have been germinating in basements and garages, for when Wallace returned in August 85 there were a half a dozen bands and a whole new scene. The Slyme performances of 84 were attended by a significant proportion of a younger crowd just coming of bar age or able to sneak in, in time to witness Da Slyme's parting hooray (for the time being!).

Wallace slipped across the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the night of Aug.9/84, to join the rest of the Plague who had already pitched camp in Parkdale, Toronto.

Toronto: "the grass ain't greener, the wine ain't sweeter, either side of the hill" - Robert Hunter - Ramble On Rose.

Ed. Note: At this time we leave once more Da Slyme story and follow the adventures of Wallace, Terry and later Craig in Toronto. Fans of Da Slyme in that city might be interested in the fact that these members performed at a number of venues in Toronto during 1984 & 85. ... Wallace

The Bubonic Plague : Mike O'Brien, Mark Oakley, Wallace Hammond (Kirt), and Terry Carter (Pasquali) played the following gigs in Toronto during 84 and 85:

  • Frankensteins - Younge Street - 4 songs at an afternoon open mic Sept 2?/84
  • The Quoc Te - Kensington Market - Sept 26 /84. Also at the same place with MADHOUSE some time early 85.
  • The Cabana Room- Spadina Ave- Oct 6 /84, and again with the Strange Apr 18 /85.
  • Larry's Hideaway - Oct 28 /84 opening for DIRECT ACTION. Again Dec 3 /84 with RUDE AWAKENING.
  • The Cameron - Queen St.- Oct 30/84
  • Merlins Top - Younge St. Dec. 9/84. And a second time lost in the mists.
  • Horse Shoe Tavern - sometime in early 85. Women's shelter benefit with THE WOODS ARE FULL OF CUCKOOS and others.
  • The Beverly Tavern - Queen St.- time and circumstances unknown. Early 85.
  • The DMZ - Spadina Ave.- May 7 /85. The last Bubonic Plague gig ever. Line up also included Craig Squires (No Moniker) on keyboards. Craig also played the Gig prior to this at the Cabana Room. This Gig was played to almost no one. The club was run by members and associates of BUNCH OF FUCKING GOOFS. One remarked later "you guys sure don't play how you look". ! (We did look awfully straight).

Wallace and Craig also did an experimental gig at ARC GALLERY on Queen St west, June 23 /85. This in a band called ETAWIN SHERLU (forgive me if the spelling is screwed up!). This band was formed by Larry Potter (Toronto percussionist). Jammed a dozen times and performed once.

Wallace returned to Newfoundland in August 85, Mike several months later. Terry still lives and occasionally plays in Toronto. Mark remained in Toronto for many years afterwards. Craig also remained a number of years in Toronto to obtain his Doctorate degree.

The next project involved Wallace, Mike and Craig. Xmas 85 recordings of more acoustic material were made in St. John's and later released on a tape called 13 BRAND NEW YEEHAWS, with such classics as 'Shootin Elvis', 'Cabbage Patch Hell', and eleven more gems.

The acoustic phase would soon give way to another electric band: DOG MEAT BARBEQUE. Spring 86: Wallace, Mike, Tony (Roscoe) and Justin (Dead Beat), with Duncan Snowden on bass and later guitar. Doug Ivey later became the bass player and when Justin departed to Toronto for a period a number of drummers were employed: DANNY THOMAS, DES WALSH and BRUCE COOPER.

Dog Meat BBQ released a tape in 86 called DEAD DOGS IN THE SUMMER OF LOVE. Interestingly this tape contained a number of songs originally done by Da Slyme but un-issued till the release of The 20 Year Scam. They include: Political Clout, No Talent and others penned by Kirt. This tape was quite popular amongst the underground/alternative scene in St. John's and close to 200 were sold.

Two more folk tapes were issued : DEAD MEN DON'T YODEL and OFF THE BEATEN TRACKS. These by the members of Dog Meat and friends. Dog Meat disbanded in 88. Mike, Tony and Duncan continued with such bands as the HANGING TRIO and THE GARDEN OF HEATHENS.

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