1989: Skeletons Out of the Closet

Da Slyme on stage at the Cornerstone1989 heralded one last return of DA SLYME. (Kirt's Note: when it was decided that Da Slyme would do a reunion I had not seen George, Peter or Craig Butler for almost 4 years!) Those guys though had been in touch with each other on a regular basis and of course the others had been playing in Dogmeat BBQ. The show was slated for Dec 27/89 at the Cornerstone, one of St. John's largest clubs. The club was owned and run by Doug Warren who had done Da Slyme's sound at the first gig and others in the early days.

A month of rehearsal preceded a sold out show - 700 people attended what was called the SKELETONS OUT OF THE CLOSET TOUR (so named because the Mount Cashel scandal was dominating the news) - Da Slyme's last hurrah. On for the ride that evening were Stig, Snotty, No, Dead Beat, Kirt, Roscoe, Groon, and down from Toronto - Pasquali.

Da Slyme on stage at the Cornerstone

This gig was also the biggest production Da Slyme had attempted. Big lighting. Big sound. Even a printed program. And the toilet, rigged up as a smoke machine, worked perfectly. If this was to be the last Slyme gig, it would be memorable. The event was captured on video tape, and for the first time there was a second camera, roving. (Most of the images in the collage on the cover of The 20 Year Scam are captured from the video shot at this gig.)

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