The CD Project

Around 1996 Da Slyme were approached by a local CBC producer about doing a story on the band. It sounded like is could be fun, so most of Townie band members gathered for a lengthy interview with a CBC staffer. The story was spiked after a round of management changes at the CBC, but it did have a lasting impact. The assembled members began to talk of the possibility of issuing a CD.

It had not gone unnoticed that there was new interest in Da Slyme, both locally and seemingly around the world. About that time a vinyl 7 inch disk appeared out of Vancouver Island with a track bootlegged directly from the double LP issued in 1980. That track was The One Chord Punk Rock Song. Not long after, in 1998, The VON ZIPPERS version of Truck Stop Nun was issued on a CD compilation called OH CANADUH! 2. The Von Zippers are from Calgary. Also in 1998, Smash The State: Volume Three - A Compilation Of Canadian Punk Rock, 1978-82 was released, including four tracks by Da Slyme.

And it got stranger! Thanks to this new thing called the Internet, Da Slyme began to be contacted by fans as far away as Italy and Bavaria. Da Slyme never played outside St. John's. Only 10 albums were ever distributed outside the province (in Toronto). We were amazed at how far word of the band had spread.

So the time seemed right to inflict some previously unreleased songs on the world, and maybe break even doing it. And if the project didn't actually get off the ground it was a good excuse for da byes to get together for a few ales.

Kirt and Stig donned their Producer hats and began sifting through Kirt's extensive archive of recordings. They quickly zeroed in on the gig at the Admiral's Keg at the dawn of 1984. Decent recording and half-decent performance, so let's go!

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