New Bands; New Songs; The Browned Off

Much of 79 would pass before new directions and old motifs would resurface. Wallace spent two months in Montreal and Toronto as sound person for Figgy Duff again Sept - Nov. Back in early November with new pedals, new tuning pegs and a new amp, he soon fell back with old comrades in pursuit of a new band. Terry, he found, had a new job, bartender in a place on Duckworth St., called The BROWNED OFF LOUNGE. This place would be the home of a number of gigs for punk and alternative bands over a number of incarnations (it was later a place called Bounders but that's for later).

Terry had also left the Reaction and had a new drum kit that needed company - the company of amps and new music. Wallace, Terry and Craig Squires formed a new band, which began to write and practice in a converted (to bedroom) garage on University Avenue, near the university. Almost a garage band! This band was called the INFIDELTONES. Quickly a vocalist was enlisted: Carolyn Ford. Unfortunately she was not available for all practices, so a confused situation existed where different songs were written for different singers... Terry usually. True to form a gig was arranged Dec 20/79 at - where else - the TSC Movie room where Da Slyme had started, and (surprise, surprise) for a Munradio Beer Bash or staff party. The evening was unmemorable and the band was reduced again to the three it began with, though Carolyn may have performed at the next gig.

Those three soldiered on writing new songs, and playing the odd Slyme song (mostly those written by Wallace). Three songs were recorded on Craig's 4 track Teac. Nuclear Annihilation Now, 20 /20 and Middle Cove Beach Party. A friend, Roger Howse, was enlisted to sing on Middle Cove, 25 dollars spent mixing it at a local studio and token airplay on the local FM station followed somehow. Playing the stuff live posed a problem, so Tony Richards (Roscoe) was enlisted to front the band and gigs followed. January 25 & 26 /80 saw a gig at the Middle Earth with the Reaction. Feb 3/80, the Infideltones were at the Browned Off with The Booze Bros. The Booze Bros were Tony, Roger Howse and Glen (last name forgotten).

When next the band appears it is with Da Slyme, and the Semitones at the TSC Café on Feb 23. The Semitones was a Blues thing combining the Booze Bros and The Infideltones. This was the first Slyme gig in 11 months and another six would pass before it would happen again, then only in the form of an afternoon jam at the Browned Off (few remember this, but a dated set list exists). August 81 would be the next Slyme outing after that. Back to the winter of 1980 and the things some members were up to. Mar 7, finds the Semitones at the Green Room (new name for Movie Room) TSC .

March 1980 brought yet another turn. Wallace and Craig, secured two bookings as WET CHEEZE DERERIUM. It may be remembered that this was the name of the band they were part of in 1977. It was too good a name to just waste. The first of these gigs occurred on Mar 16 at the Browned Off. Possibly the first incidence of, for want of a better term, "the avante guarde" in a St. John's bar. An evening of loops and lags etc. It may be also recalled that this was the pursuit the two were at the night before Da Slyme began. The bar show probably had 15 people - probably above average for this sort of thing as we discovered through the years. On Mar. 28 this was repeated at The LSPU Hall Coffee House for those under bar age.

One result of this evening was revealed years later when a newly recruited member of WCD revealed that he gone over to the cause after watching this performance. The show was well attended - who knows - maybe more were converted! Around about this time Craig Squires left on two sojourns away - one to Europe where he saw Nico perform in a church!

The Infideltones / Semitones became the A-TONES performing at the Browned Off on May 4. The line up now: Tony (Roscoe) on vocals, Terry (Pasquali) on drums, Wallace (Kirt) on guitar, and the the man of many talents: Justin (Dead Beat) on Bass. In the late period the line up would also include Roger Howse on Guitar and Vocals. A number of tracks were recorded at this time: Lowest of the Common Dumb, Rebel Rockers, Urban Renewal, Metal For Muthers, Violence Anarchy (from Da Slyme repertoire), Anthem, Anthem and, The Paraphernalia of Punk.

In late May there was yet another scene development. Alan Henry, who had previously videotaped several Slyme shows, arranged to produce and broadcast a series of local bands and comedy shows on the local cable channel. These were in Studio affairs live off the floor. Because of these shows live high quality footage exists of the A-tones (aired June 6), Wet Cheeze Delerium, and the Reaction (Danny Ralph on drums). The A-tones played 3 other gigs: June 18 with the Booze Bros at the Spanish Café TSC, and some time in July /80, two nites at Martha's bar downtown. A tape was released in 1983 comprised of the 3 songs recorded as the Infideltones and the remaining seven recorded in the spring with Justin on bass.

Some time during the days of the Browned Off, a fiasco occurred which is all but forgotten. The night some of Da Slyme became THE ASSHOLES. Paul Sametez, who had once written in The Muse circa 1971 (pre-Slyme era), returned to St. John's, for a visit, and approached the management of the Browned Off to play in the club. So it happened that about 8 or 9 o'clock one evening Kirt, No, and Dead Beat were persuaded to collect up their gear and become The Assholes, which is how the gig was billed. Nothing really clicked between The Slymers and Mr. Sametez. Chalk one up to experience .... and swallow the epithet : THE ASSHOLES

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