Da Slyme

God's Mercy on your Doomed Asses!

You have stumbled upon (or, god help you, searched for) the Internet digs of Da Slyme, Newfoundland's first punk rock band. Please note the Y - we are not Da Slime.

The rumours are true: Da Slyme has a new LP on Celluloid Lunch Records, If There's No Rubble, You Haven't Played. Available (while quantities last) at Fred's Records in St. John's and selected fine online and bricks-and-mortar record stores throughout North America and Europe, or download through Bandcamp. Unfortunately, Celluloid Lunch is sold out on their website.

Da Slyme's trademark (The toilet, stupid, not the beer. Please note that no money changed hands for the product placement.

Da Slyme was named Loud Artist of the Year at the Music NL Awards Gala on October 21.

Following the Awards show we were getting a couple of pictures in the theater and were photobombed by the great Kellie Loder.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas be sure to visit The Punk Rock Museum to see their exhibit on Da Slyme!

Recent Developments:

Stay tuned here for more news and other goodies. We've brought the History pages up to date and we are gradually adding more more pictures, posters, press clippings and song lyrics as time permits.

In the meantime all of the old content is still here. There's the song lyrics of the tunes on our 1999 CD The 20 Year Scam and a few pictures taken over the years. There's a list of all the gigs Da Slyme played (about three dozen in all) and scans of posters used to promote some of them. And the main event: Da history of Da Slyme.

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