I Hate My Job; Bagelmania

At this time some members of Da Slyme were working in the local media - mostly radio. Kirt, Stig, Pasquali, and at one time Snotty, were all in this camp. One result of this was the creation of one of Da Slyme's better known songs: "I Hate My Job", written by Kirt on the way to work one morning.

I Hate My Job

The next Slyme gig occurred on August 1 /81. It was a curious gig for a number of reasons. First, it was gig without Stig - or almost without Stig. Stig worked for a local radio station which will go unnamed. He was out of town for a period of time before the gig and up to and including the day before. He may have MC'd the event and certainly played on some tunes, but sat out a portion of the show. Some of this was due to the fact that there were a number of new tunes debuted that evening - Constipated at Kenora High was one. As well a number of Beatles tunes with mutated lyrics were performed. Beatles?

Beatles???? Well, yes. The traveling show BEATLE MANIA was being presented that nite at the local stadium. The Slyme show was billed as BAGELMANIA - "Bagels, Bagels, Bagels.... All you need are Bagels... Bagels are all you need" Get the picture? After Bagelmania almost all Slyme shows were centred around some theme. Bagelmania remains one of the more interesting Slyme shows mainly as it was preserved on videotape by Allen Henry. A such the machinations or the live performance can be scrutinized.

The show begins with the obligatory "Piss-eyed Sleazoid" counted in and performed as the band bursts through a wall of unprinted newspaper assembled that afternoon. (See Video) The band meanders through the sets. A bag of bagels is tossed over the crowd and then the real perversion sets in during "Devils Out" .. the TV Preacher routine which at this time culminates in a communion bagels and beer presided over by the reverends Roscoe and Groon.

One other thing. That evening marked the royal wedding of Chuck and Di (aka Charles and Diana). The posters for this gig also advised that this was the "ye other royale WELDING reception". It's beyond belief, but there were several souls who had to be gently told at the door that they had clearly mis-read things and what was happening within was not what they were seeking.

Bagelmania also marked another milestone. At $6.66, and with only about 200 sold, the band was still in the hole to shareholders - notably No Moniker, who was finally paid off, after the passing of nearly a year, from the proceeds of the gig! Oh yes and one last thing: Bob Joy, a local actor of some renown who had been with the comedy group CODCO, and had gone to the USA to seek his fortune (you can see him in DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN as Madonna's boyfriend, and in ATLANTIC CITY, among others) showed up in town and ended up singing several of his own compositions with members of Da Slyme backing him.

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