Fall 81/Summer 82: Diverse gigging

The fall of 81 brought a slew of additional Slyme performances. In September, on the 15th, a special showing of videotapes of various Slyme performances was undertaken at the Browned Off. Oct 31, at the B.O., the lineup was Da Slyme with BERT HUMDINGER AND THE BUM STEERS and The LIVING ROOM BAND. The Living room band were a country rock band led by a gentleman from Texas, "Snuffy" Jackson who lived in Newfoundland for several years. The Bum Steers were just that -a bum steer. Another Slyme concoction, including our friends Roger Howse and Mac Day. A bit of acoustic country send up. Debut of "The Night Dick Nolan Got Squashed By the CN Bus " among others.

In October or early November, Da Slyme played perhaps it's most harried show. Andy Jones, known nation wide as a member of the group CODCO, was doing some work at a place called TADICS - a youth drop in centre next to Bridgit's, a pub that was a fixture in the center of town for many years. It was conveniently situated half way between the university and down town. It was agreed that the gig was to be played free for an audience of teen and preteens. It was a full house of downtown urchins... a memorable if some what exasperating gig. Urchin (approx. 13 yrs) to Stig outside after the gig: "come on punk, I'll take ya on". (Justin was beaten up the following year or so by probably some of those we played to for free... they returned his leather jacket later when they found out who he was… though it didn't do much to make up for the week he spent in hospital!)

Da Slyme was mentioned in the Herald music poll on the 15 of November and on Nov. 20, 21 and 22, once again appeared at the B.O. The third night, Sunday, brought the weekend to a close with the Canadian Tire Jam - pick a number and jam - a spoof of the local - or at least the Browned Off - music scene. December brought the national magazine (Shades) review of the album done by Paul Wilson -p.9. Da Slyme appeared in the Herald again in a column "Da Slyme not sublime" on Dec 5/81 and the album was reviewed in the Mar 20 /82 edition.

May 30 and 31 /82, were the next gigs by Da Slyme. On the 30th there was a show at the Grad House. The Grad House was housing and a bar operated by the Graduate Students Union at Memorial University. It was situated on Military Rd. and had a history of live performances. It was followed the following nite by perhaps the largest show done by Da Slyme: a benefit with Figgy Duff, The Issue, and others at Stanley's Steamer, the city's largest disco. The benefit was done to raise money for families of victims of the Ocean Ranger Disaster. The Ranger was a large rig which went down in Feb. of that year, with the loss of over 80 lives. The Ranger's loss struck close to many Newfoundland families - it also struck close to Da Slyme itself. Bassist / saxophonist and charter member No Moniker worked on this rig - in fact the rig went down on a Monday night, his next shift would have started Wednesday. His fate was not to go down on the rig, only because he had changed his shift pattern months before to play the Bagelmania gig. If the Swilers benefit was the Reaction's finest hour, The Ranger benefit belonged to Da Slyme. The June 12th. edition of the Herald reviewed this event. p.28/29.

Another bizarre gig was played about this time. Justin/ Dead Beat was/is, as has been noted, a photographer and was honoured about this time with an exhibition and opening of work at the MUN Art gallery. It was often the practice of artists to perform or have their friends perform at openings, so it was decided that Da Slyme would function in this role. Among the artistes, suits, administrators, "nappies and Glasses of wine" came Da Slyme. The acoustics of the gallery were terrible, such that a phone book had to be taped to the kick drum between the beater and skin to keep it from drowning out the rest of the band. This gig marked the debut of the Toilet, which became a central 'fixture' at subsequent Slyme gigs. Unbeknownst to Justin, a toilet had been positioned as his drummer's throne, covered with a sheet, to be unveiled at the show. Although the toilet did not work too well as 'the Beat seat', it was too good a prop to let fall by the wayside. There were several attempts to turn it into a smoke machine, of which the only successful one would be recorded on videotape many years later at the "Skeletons out of the Closet" gig. But that's for later.

Preserved on videotape (in colour for the first time) the next gig occurred at Charlie's Cozy Bar downtown. Charlie's had previously been Martha's where the A-Tones played it's last gigs the year before. The annual St. John's Regatta - a rowing event is billed as the longest running sporting event in North America. It occurs on the first Wednesday of every August (weather permitting) and, in addition to fixed-seat rowing races on Quidi Vidi Lake, features games of chance and concessions of all kinds at lakeside. It's a city holiday and with a good forecast the night before a guaranteed nite for revellers taking their chances playing Regatta Roulette. Also a good nite to play... especially if you're playing for the door. "Regatta Da Slyme", replete with rubber dinghies, paddles, and the obligatory "wheel of Mis-fortune" was a ringing success. The night featured the debut of "Franka Sinotty " Aka Kirt with slyme-oid and tape backup. Flexible group, that Slyme!

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